Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun with crabapple blossoms and NIK HDR Efex Pro tone mapping

This was a rather mundane shot (somewhat flat, too) that I decided to use as a challenge for NIK's HDR Efex Pro to see what developed. (Pun intended.)  I used the tone mapping version of HDR Efex Pro since this was a single photo.  Once I adjusted it by playing with the slider controls, I brought it into Photoshop CS5 and added some more of NIK's magic. I used the "glamour glow" effect twice and a good dose of "monday morning" as well.  My only final tweaks were some additions of "darken/lighten center" in NIK and a very small brushing of a bit of selective sharpening. It's fun to "play" with the various tools sometimes to give one some inspiration; and discoveries abound when the "unknown/unplanned" happens using the tools.

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  1. Very creative work with this image, it's just beautiful!